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July 28, 2015

Feature Film Mentorship for Women Filmmakers at WFF

Vancouver BC - Women in Film & Television Vancouver (WIFTV), in association with the Whistler Film Festival is pleased to open up applications for the 4th consecutive WIFTV WHISTLER FILM FESTIVAL MENTORSHIP.

The goal of the mentorship is to provide the selected recipient with experience in preparing her film project for market. She will gain skill and confidence in market preparation including pitching and the presentation of her ideas as well as develop valuable insight into building her career.

The Mentorship program gives one Executive, Professional or Associate member of WIFTV (producer, director or writer) the invaluable opportunity to attend the Whistler Film Festival, December 2 to 6 2015 in Whistler, British Columbia. The mentee receives a WFF Industry Pass providing access to the festival and industry Summit as well as a pre-festival consultation with an experienced film professional.

Topics for personalized coaching include:
Creating a one sheet
Who is buying what
Who to target with your project
How to add cache and marketable elements to your project
How to build an audience through guerrilla and grassroots marketing before you shoot

Following the personalized coaching sessions, the mentee will attend three to four hand chosen 1+1 meetings with WFF Summit guests to pitch their project.  It is expected that the mentee will enhance their experience by engaging in both the Festival and WIFTV’s social media channels by blogging and tweeting.


Women who are producers, directors or writers are encouraged to apply. Applicants should have a feature film project in development suitable to pitch at the festival. A selection committee composed of industry representatives will review the applications. The recipient will be announced at WIFTV’s Martini Madness celebration on September 29th.

Application deadline: August 28, 2015
For application details and to click here.


July 28, 2015

Discovery Announces Fall 2015 Premiere Dates with Broad Slate of All-New Series and Returning Hits


TORONTO (July 28, 2015) – On the heels of a tremendous broadcast year that saw Discovery reclaim its position as the #1 entertainment specialty channel among total viewers while maintaining its lead among key demos in primetime*, the network today unveiled its Fall 2015 lineup. Featuring the return of fan-favourite hits mixed with several newly acquired titles, Discovery’s fall season kicks off with an early start for perenial favourite MYTHBUSTERS airing Sundays at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT beginning Aug. 23. The premieres ramp up with the Season 21 premiere of Discovery’s flagship daily science magazine program DAILY PLANET on Monday, Aug. 31 at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT, followed by the season premiere of EDGE OF ALASKA at 9 p.m. ET/PT and new series TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Then, following the Labour Day long weekend, Discovery’s massive Tuesday night lineup launches when Jamie Davis and his heavy vehicle rescue company return for a thrilling new season of the homegrown hit HIGHWAY THRU HELL beginning Sept. 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, immediately following the debut of highly anticipated new series PACIFIC WARRIORS (9 p.m. ET/PT). But first, Tuesday nights get started with a new season of another Canadian favourite, FOOL’S GOLD (8 p.m. ET).

The premieres continue throughout September and into October with another new title appearing on Discovery – CUBAN CHROME airing Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT beginning Sept. 3. New titles will also debut across the Discovery suite of channels through September and October (highlights below).

Discovery’s Fall 2015 Premiere Dates:

Sunday, Aug. 23
7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT
So exactly how hard is it to find a needle in a haystack, anyway? And can water dripping on your forehead really drive you insane? These are the kinds of questions, myths, and urban legends put to the test in this humorous series.

Monday, Aug. 31
7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT
Co-hosts Dan Riskin and Ziya Tong serve up another season of wonderful, weird, and watercooler-worthy stories from around the world. Feeding the need for speed with race cars and rocket ships, and inspired by the newest generation of inventors and adventurers, DAILY PLANET provides an all-access pass to the gadgets, gizmos, and tech toys that are shaping the future.

9 p.m. ET/PT

Hidden deep in the wilderness of eastern Alaska is the toughest town in America: McCarthy. Once considered the state's very own "Sin City", McCarthy is now an isolated town surrounded by extreme wilderness – a refuge for people who don't want to be found. While some believe in continuing the town's frontier way of life, others feel the future of McCarthy hinges on it pushing forward into the modern age.

10 p.m. ET/PT
In 1524, a horde of Incan gold – known as the “Treasure of the Trinity” – was stolen. For 500 years, Jesuit priests and privateers such as Thomas Cavendish and mathematician Paul Thiry have searched for this legendary bounty. Now a new theory has emerged about the treasure’s possible location – a remote locale home to thousands of deadly vipers. The series features a team of the world’s top explorers as they set out on a two-month journey to find the priceless treasure.

Thursday, Sept. 3
8 p.m. ET/PT
HOW IT’S MADE: DREAM CARS (New Season – World Premiere)

HOW IT’S MADE: DREAM CARS lifts the hood to reveal how luxury cars are made, learning about their inner workings and showcasing their gorgeous interiors. For each “dream car” featured, distinguishing features are brought into focus and celebrated during exhilarating test drives on private courses.

10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT
Through “A Lo Cubano” Car Club, a passionate group of car enthusiasts, restorers, mechanics, and apprentices, the series explores the challenges and joys of life in Cuba, presenting an authentic look into the club’s culture of passion, grit, determination, and ingenuity.

Tuesday, Sept. 8
8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT
FOOL’S GOLD (New Season – World Premiere)
The Shotgun Exploration crew is back at Straw Lake in their hunt for gold. Armed with greater knowledge, new equipment, and hopefully better luck to help them avoid going broke, the crew hopes to strike it rich.

9 p.m. ET/PT
This new series follows the only commercial fishermen haul their catch from a kayak…alone. With only a paddle, these brave Hawaiian men and women venture out to catch some of the most desirable fish in the sea, relying on brute strength to pull in 500-pound Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Ono.

10 p.m. ET/PT
HIGHWAY THRU HELL (New Season – World Premiere)
It’s man versus Mother Nature and the toughest men in the towing business being pushed to their breaking point. The stakes are high – lives, the economy, and thousands of jobs depend on the highways staying open. Building on last season’s risky gamble to expand his heavy recovery operation from the B.C. mountains into the frozen Alberta north, Jamie Davis is tackling new highways this year and facing bigger wrecks than ever before. 

Wednesday, Sept. 9 
10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT
Pilots pursue aircraft across the country slated for repossession.

Thursdays, Sept. 10
9 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT
FAST N’ LOUD (New Season)
FAST N' LOUD follows Rawlings and Kaufmann as they return derelict rides to their former glory and get them back on the road – but not without putting their own hot-rod spin on them first.

Sunday, Sept. 13
9 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT
YUKON MEN (New Season)
Tanana, Alaska on the Yukon River, a frozen village of 200 people, is at the junction of two powerful rivers at the edge of civilization. With no roads in or out, wolves howl through the frigid night air, reminding residents just how isolated they really are.

10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT
Each week, a new pair of complete and total strangers – one man and one woman – find themselves stranded in and, quite literally, exposed to some of the world's most extreme weather environments. The duos are left high and dry with no food, no water...or clothing!

Monday, Sept. 14
8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT
HOW IT’S MADE (New Season – World Premiere)
A closer look at how everyday things are manufactured. Each episode features three to four products, with the mix consisting of everyday items including jeans, aluminum foil, and cereal, as well as less common products like wax figurines, braille typewriters, and pinball machines.

Monday, Oct. 26
10 p.m. ET/PT
Viewers follow eight drivers, each nominated by a friend or family member, as they are put through the paces in a controlled driving environment and evaluated by a panel of experts. Each episode features tried-and-tested challenges designed to push the drivers to their limits. Each driver must first master basic training and then more advanced techniques in order to graduate. If they don’t, they could be crowned “Canada's Worst Driver”.

Below are highlights of NEW SERIES debuting this fall across Discovery Networks:

Airing Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT beginning Sept. 17 on Investigation Discovery
HOUSE OF HORRORS: KIDNAPPED is a 12-episode series recounting the gripping stories of people who were kidnapped and lived to tell the tale. Each episode reveals one survivor’s terrifying experience from the moment of abduction, through captivity, escape, and recovery...all told through their own words.

Airing Saturdays at 8 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT beginning Oct. 3 on Animal Planet

Every day in western Washington State, wily felines scale massive trees only to find themselves helplessly stranded hundreds of feet off the ground.  Lucky for them, expert tree climbers and kitty communication experts Shaun Sears and Tom Otto are prepared to do whatever it takes to rescue these panicked pets and reunite them with their owners. The duo runs the non-profit organization, Canopy Cat Rescue, a highly skilled, two-man operation adept at climbing the region's notoriously tall timber. Over the past two years, the duo have scaled trees as tall as 15-storeys high, bringing nearly 500 perilously perched kitties back to the loving arms of their worried owners.

Airing Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT beginning Oct. 5 on Discovery Velocity

AC/DC front-man and full-fledged motor mouth, Brian Johnson hosts this new series that gets under the hood of the world’s most iconic cars to learn just how these seminal machines are made. With exclusive access to the factories and production lines of McLaren, Land Rover, MG, Jaguar, and Alfa Romeo, Brian talks to the designers, engineers, and head honchos in each company before hitting the pavement in their latest and greatest models. Travelling across Europe and America, Brian meets other passionate petrol heads as he tries to get to the root of man’s obsession with these beautiful machines. From visiting the Charlotte Motor Speedway to witness Ford’s and Chevrolet’s battle for Nascar to riding with some of the best test drivers in the world, Brian puts pedal to metal in his quest to learn exactly what makes these cars rock.

Airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT beginning Oct. 14 on Discovery Science

OUTRAGEOUS ACTS OF PSYCH takes the hidden-camera phenomenon to an entirely new level. Stemming from the hit Science Channel series, OUTRAGEOUS ACTS OF SCIENCE, OAP uses hidden cameras to show if people will actually pay for a VIP experience at a bus stop or a laundromat, or whether men or women are more likely to take a food sample from a person wearing a hazmat suit. Throughout the show, psychologists and human behavior experts offer insights into why we do the things we do.


July 28, 2015

Much Digital Studios Announces Nine New Creators


TORONTO (July 28, 2015) – Much Digital Studios announced today that nine established and emerging Canadian creators have been added to its network of 13 YouTube creators and digital influencers. The new Much Digital Studios roster of talent includes: beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle experts Bianca Harris, Camille Co., Michael Rizzi, Naomi Elle, Patrick Tomasso, and Tasha Leelyn; gaming experts Devon Crawford, and Rerez; and pop culture aficionado Ajay Fry. The roster of 22 Much Digital Studios creators have 2.1 million subscribers in total.

Since launching in May, Much Digital Studios has received more than 10 million video views, with 35.6 million minutes of video consumed, and 193,000 video likes so far.  Much Digital Studios is now attracting on average over 1.2 million views a week. Following his stint as co-host of the 2015 MUCH MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS RED CARPET, creator Jus Reign’s number of YouTube subscribers has increased by more than 52,000. Additionally, comedic group 4YallEntertainment’s YouTube page has increased by more than 27,000 subscribers, and beauty expert AllegraLouise’s page is up by 22,000, nearly doubling since launch. To see what the creators have been up to click here. Additionally, beginning this week, viewers can catch the Much Digital Studios creators in interstitial content airing on Much.

“From the MMVAs and THE MIKE ON MUCH podcast to creators attending every hot summer festival, the momentum has not stopped since the launch of Much Digital Studios, resulting in more subscribers each day,” said Justin Stockman, Vice-President, Specialty Channels, Bell Media. “With new genres and fresh content, this group of nine talented young Canadians are a welcome addition to our already diverse and engaging roster.”

“Covering a wide variety of genres, the expanded lineup of Much Digital Studios creators presents increased opportunities for brands wanting to work with Much,” said Dave Caporicci, Managing Director, Brand Partnerships, Bell Media. “With opportunities for in-video integration, as well as further amplification online, and on our linear properties, we are looking forward to connecting brands with Much Digital Studios.”

About the new Much Digital Studios creators:

Name: Ajay Fry
Genre: Pop culture
Bio: Ajay Fry began his national television career on YTV, hosting the coveted Saturday morning block. After two successful years he blasted off to Space where he’s been in orbit for the last seven years hosting INNERSPACE (Weeknights at 6 p.m. ET). Along the way he’s made appearances in the web-series, CAPTAIN CANUCK, and the Space original series, BITTEN. His YouTube channel “5 on Fry” acts as a platform to offer his unique opinion on five topics of interest like TV Series, movies, games, tech, cosplay, and current affairs. If it’s popular, Ajay’s got something to say about it. In his downtime, Ajay likes to game (under the gamertag AjayFry - how original). For more info on Ajay, visit his websites and

Name: Bianca Harris
Genre: Beauty
Bio: Toronto-based makeup artist Bianca Harris learned to apply her own makeup at a very young age. After attending George Brown College’s School of Makeup and Esthetics, Harris launched her own beauty-focused YouTube channel, as well as co-founded the website The Look Beauty. Harris’s work has been featured in numerous magazines and television series including: Two Magazine, fshnunlimited, and FTV Magazine, BLOWE, and her work has also been seen on THE NEXT STAR, CTV NEWS, and THE MUCH MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS. Her most popular YouTube videos include Zoe Kravitz Daytime Look, Contouring & Highlighting: Medium to Deep Skin, and Rihanna i-D Mag Inspired Makeup Tutorial.

Name: Camille CO
Genre: Fashion, beauty, gaming
Bio: Camille CO is a Toronto-based multimedia journalist, YouTuber, and social media maven. Graduating with honours from the University of Guelph-Humber, Camille has worked as a contributing editorial assistant at Today’s Parent as well as a game writer for Now, Camille uses her YouTube channel and blog to express herself and inspire others in the world of fashion, beauty, and gaming. Camille’s most popular videos include Customized Vampire Fangs from, How To Fix An Apple Charger, and How To Fix a Knitted Sweater.

Name: Devon Crawford
Genre: Gaming
Bio: Devon Crawford is a vlogger from Toronto, who takes his passion for technology to another level by creating videos on how to rule the gaming world. Crawford’s channel has something for everyone who likes to game, no matter how many achievements they’ve unlocked. Crawford’s videos range in difficulty from how to beat a level, to how to build a computer. Crawford currently has 11,000 subscribers with more than 767,870 page views to date. His most popular videos include New Computer Build + Minecraft Test 1100 FPS!, Dxtory Best Settings/Record Minecraft Videos NO LAG, and MINECRAFT PARTY! (Ep.1).

Name: Michael Rizzi
Genre: Lifestyle
Bio: Michael Rizzi is a self-described “quirky, gay Canadian who enjoys talking to his camera.” His YouTube channel, MikeyThePlatypus, showcases his upbeat personality and sense of humour through vlogs, Q&As, and men’s fashion and lifestyle videos. Since joining YouTube in February 2012, Rizzi has amassed more than 100,000 subscribers and 5.5 million page views with popular videos such as Gay Guys React To Gay Porn, Gay Couples React to Anti-Gay Marriage Ads, and Myths About Sex.

Name: Patrick Tomasso
Genre: Lifestyle, travel
Bio: Patrick Tomasso is a filmmaker, musician, and vlogger from Toronto. Inspired by his passion for social media and advertising, Tomasso loves to watch his creativity come to life through his YouTube channel, which focuses on lifestyle and travel. His most popular videos include Twice Melted Grilled Cheese, Eating Everything in Montreal, and OSHEAGA 2014-Weekend Wrap Video.

Name: Naomi Elle
Genre: Lifestyle, travel
Bio: Naomi Leanage is a 22-year-old vlogger hailing from Toronto, who works as an editorial assistant for and runs her own blog Confessions of a Twenties Girl. On her YouTube channel, Naomi Elle, she vlogs about all things lifestyle including shopping hauls, DIYs, how-tos, and her favourite thing – travelling! Naomi’s most popular videos include Swimsuit Collection 2015, How To Get The BEST Concert Tickets, and ROOM TOUR 2015.

Name: Rerez

Genre: Gaming

Bio: Rerez is a YouTube channel created and hosted by Cambridge, Ont. native Shane Luis, featuring all the newest, strangest, and most unique gaming topics on the Internet. With its popular reviews of new videos games, consoles, rare titles, retro games, and more, Rerez has accumulated more than 3.7 million page views since its launch in 2012. Luis also created an original series for the channel, entitled Positives, which highlights the best parts of some of the worst video games ever made. Other popular Rerez videos include The First Video Game Console Ever Made – The Story of the Brown Box, PlayStation Analog Joystick Review, and Rarest PSP Game Ever – Hilton Ultimate Team Play.

Name: Tasha Leelyn

Genre: Beauty

Bio: Tasha Leelyn is a full-time YouTuber, and part-time photographer hailing from Burlington, Ont. Known for her signature pastel locks, she quickly rose to fame when her easy how-to hair dye tutorials caught the attention of thousands of viewers online. With popular videos like How To: Silver Hair Tutorial, and How To: Dip Dye Your Hair, her YouTube channel has garnered more than 166,000 subscribers and 1.6 million views since the beginning of 2014.

The new creators join previously announced Much Digital Studios partners, which include: comedy channels The Danocracy, Ron Dias TV, and Shane Cunningham; beauty, fashion, and lifestyle experts AllegraLouise and Mila Victoria; musicians Dan Talevski, SickickMusic, and Tyler Shaw; illusionist Rayn Magic; and the recently launched podcast, THE MIKE ON MUCH PODCAST.


July 27, 2015

Get Excited for the Return of MTV’s AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW: ROAD TO THE VMAS with Seven Throwback Videos!


It’s a dance-off! After a three-year hiatus, MTV turns up the heat with the return of fan-favourite series AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW: ROAD TO THE VMAS this Wednesday, July 29 at 11 p.m. ET on MTV. Hosted by Jason Dundas (ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT), the panel of judges includes Broadway theatre actor Frankie Grande, hip-hop artist T-Pain, and recording artist Teyena Taylor. This season, six all-star dance crews create routines inspired by VMA-related challenges. The winner takes it all in the final episode set to air right before the 2015 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS on Sunday, August 30 at 7 p.m. ET on MTV.

Competing for the chance to cement their ABDC legacy are Super Cr3w (Season 2 champions), Quest Crew (Season 3 champions), We Are Heroes (Season 4 champions), I.aM.mE (Season 6 champions), Elektrolytes (Season 7 champions), and new crew Kinjaz, which includes members from Season 1 champions Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern. To help celebrate the return of this hit series, and the six returning crews, here are seven throwback clips:

Jabbawockeez break it down in “Funkytown” with the evolution of hip-hop
Kaba Modern celebrate the King of Pop and “Thriller”
Super Cr3w: Breakdance + Basketball + Busta Rhymes = Slamdunk
Quest Crew dances to Britney Spears’ “Toxic”…BLINDFOLDED!
We Are Heroes go Vogue with Madonna
Justin Bieber’s “Somebody To Love” Gives I.aM.mE Bieber Fever
Elektrolytes light up the stage to a David Guetta master mix

For the complete series description visit


July 24, 2015


LOS ANGELES, CA – July 24, 2015 – Today, SHOWTIME announced that the highly anticipated second season premiere of the Golden Globe-winning drama THE AFFAIR debuts Sunday, October 4th at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Season two of THE AFFAIR explores the emotional and psychological effects of an affair that destroyed two marriages, and the crime that brings these individuals back together. This season, the provocative drama will be told separately from four different perspectives, revealing four distinct truths. THE AFFAIR features Golden Globe winning actress Ruth Wilson as Alison, a young woman attempting to move on from tragedy and building a lasting relationship while contending with the judgment of others and her own self-doubt. Her lover Noah (Golden Globe nominee Dominic West) is a burgeoning writer trying to balance the temptations of success, the family he left behind, and the woman he loves. Noah’s former wife Helen (Emmy Award nominee Tierney) is attempting to piece her life together while navigating divorce proceedings, care for her children, and her parents’ noxious influence. Screen Actors Guild nominee Joshua Jackson plays Cole, Alison’s former husband struggling to overcome past heartbreak and start a promising new life. Yet the long-term ramifications of the affair continue to shape these lives, and will lead to an event that changes everything once again. Award-winning playwright and writer/producer Sarah Treem (House of Cards, In Treatment) and Hagai Levi (In Treatment) created the series. Treem serves as executive producer, along with Levi, Anya Epstein (In Treatment) and director Jeffrey Reiner (Friday Night Lights).

SHOWTIME is currently available to subscribers via cable, DBS and telco providers, and as a stand-alone streaming service through Apple® and Roku, Inc.’s Roku® players and Roku TV™ models. Consumers can also subscribe to SHOWTIME now via Hulu and Sony Network Entertainment International LLC’s PlayStation® Vue.


July 24, 2015

Footy Fans, Unite! Bundesliga Joins Sportsnet’s Soccer Lineup; Barclays Premier League Returns for the 2015-16 Season


TORONTO (July 24, 2015) Canadians from coast-to-coast are about to get more of the Beautiful Game as Sportsnet today announced it has secured a five-year, multimedia rights agreement with Fox Sports 1 to become the exclusive Canadian broadcaster of Bundesliga matches through the 2019-20 season. The announcement comes as Sportsnet’s soccer coverage begins to heat up in August, with the network unveiling the first two months of its 2015-16 Barclays Premier League schedule.

All season long, footy fans can follow their favourite Barclays Premier League and Bundesliga teams on Sportsnet, Sportsnet World and online and on mobile via Sportsnet World NOW.

Below are the details of Bundesliga and Barclays Premier League on Sportsnet:

Bundesliga on Sportsnet
In addition to the broadcast of regular season matches, Sportsnet’s Bundesliga agreement also includes coverage of the German Supercup, featuring Bundesliga 2014-15 champions FC Bayern Munich taking on DFL-Pokal winner Wolfsburg on Saturday, Aug. 1 on Sportsnet One and World. Two weeks later, the 2015-16 Bundesliga season springs into action with FC Bayern Munich visiting Hamburger SV in the season opener on Saturday, Aug. 14 at 2:30 p.m. ET / 11:30 a.m. PT on Sportsnet World. Bundesliga matches will primarily be seen on Sportsnet World and Sportsnet World NOW, with select matches on Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE.

Highlights from Sportsnet’s multimedia agreement with Bundesliga also includes:
Coverage of all 306 season matches, as well as the German Supercup and Bundesliga relegation playoffs
Highlight shows throughout the season, including the weekly Bundesliga Matchday

Full details of Sportsnet’s Bundesliga schedule will be announced at a later date. Check for updates. Fans can stay up to date on league action and news all season long at

Barclays Premier League on Sportsnet
Sportsnet kicks off its seventeenth year of broadcasting Barclays Premier League with the opening match of the 2015-16 season on Saturday, August 8, as fan-favourite Manchester United take on Tottenham Hotspur at 7:30 a.m. ET / 4:30 a.m. PT on Sportsnet East, Ontario, West and Pacific.

Highlights of the first six weeks of the season on Sportsnet include:
Five of Manchester United’s first seven matches of the season
AFC Bournemouth’s first ever Premier League match (Saturday, Aug. 8)
Five of Liverpool’s first seven matches
The first Friday match of the season featuring Aston Villa vs. Manchester United (Friday, Aug. 14)


July 23, 2015

Oprah Winfrey Presents Landmark Seven-Night Television Event Belief Premiering Sunday, October 18 on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network


(July 22, 2015 – Toronto, Canada) This fall, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada) presents the landmark television event Belief, a week-long documentary series airing over seven consecutive nights that depicts how people with a wide range of beliefs search for deeper meaning and connection with the world around them. Through vivid, emotional storytelling and cinematic visual imagery, Belief illuminates the best of faith and spiritual practices from around the world – the rituals, stories and relationships that bind us all together as human beings. The series will premiere on Sunday, October 18 at 8 p.m. ET on OWN (Canada), day and date with the U.S.       

Click here for a sneak peek of Belief (with embed code):
To join the conversation on social, use #Belief and @OWNCanada.

“For the past three years, my team and I have been working to find the most compelling and thoughtful stories of faith, love and devotion from around the world,” said Oprah Winfrey.  “This truly has been my heart’s work, to be able to share stories like these that reflect our world and explore humankind’s ongoing search to connect with something greater than ourselves.”

Episode descriptions below.  All episodes air at 8 p.m. ET.

Sunday, October 18 *PREMIERE
Belief: The Seekers
Witness stories from around the world united by one of the most basic human needs – a desire to find purpose and meaning in our lives.  First, 19-year-old Cha Cha, a devout evangelical Christian college student, hopes to reconnect with her faith after a recent trauma has shaken her to the core.  Next, Reshma Thakkar, a young Indian-American Hindu woman from Chicago, travels to the banks of the Ganges River in India for the Kumbh Mela, joining millions at the world’s largest spiritual gathering.  Meanwhile, in Budapest, Hungary, 13-year-old Mendel Hurwitz prepares for his Bar Mitzvah, the Jewish transformation from adolescence to adulthood.  Mendel’s synagogue in Budapest once faced extinction, and this tiny population of Jews are struggling to keep their culture alive.  In the final story, Terry Gandadila, an Aboriginal elder in Australia who is nearing death, passes on the wisdom and knowledge of his tribe to his grandson.  Together, they walk the songline, an ancient roadmap that the tribe believes reveals how the world was created and how to live life in accordance with their ancestor spirits.

Monday, October 19
Belief: Love’s Story
Journey around the world in search of what it means to love one another.  First, in western Pennsylvania, Ian and Larissa Murphy are two evangelical Christians who fell in love during college.  Ten months into their relationship, Ian suffered a traumatic brain injury, dramatically changing their relationship while also showing them what it means to love unconditionally.  Next, we meet Rena Greenberg and Yermi Udkoff of Brooklyn, New York as they prepare to marry in the Hasidic faith, which believes every person is born with one half of a soul, and only through marriage can the two souls reunite with each other.  On the other side of the world, former professional skateboarder Jordan Richter from northern California is embarking on the Hajj, a pilgrimage that is one of the five tenets of his adopted religion, Islam.  By joining millions of pilgrims in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Jordan hopes to make peace with his past and cement a promising future.  Finally, two leaders in Nigeria who were former enemies 20 years ago, Christian Pastor James Wuye and Muslim Imam Muhammad Ashafa, come together to reconcile and to honor one of the most sacred teachings at the heart of both their faiths: love your enemies.        

Tuesday, October 20
Belief: Acts of Faith
Our beliefs can be a powerful guiding force to endure and overcome in some of the most difficult situations.  In this episode, everyone faces a challenge to overcome, and they find their source of strength in a variety of different ways. In Topeka, Kansas, Judi Bergquist visits her son’s killer in prison with the hope that the act of forgiveness will help them both move forward with their lives.  Next, under the blue Guanajuato, Mexico sky, Enedina Cuellar Pacheco is riding on horseback with Christ’s Cowboys in the hopes a miracle heals her son who suffered traumatic injuries in a tragic car accident. Together with thousands of riders, she makes the rigorous trek to the iconic 65-foot-tall statue of Cristo Rey. Finally, on the small Pentecost Island, Vanuatu, in the South Pacific, a young boy, Bebe, will act out a death-defying rite of passage into manhood.  Bebe will bravely land dive off a giant wooden tower with just a tree vine tied around his ankles, participating in a sacred ritual that his tribe believes blesses the soil for a bountiful harvest. 

Wednesday, October 21
Belief: A Change Is Gonna Come
Explore how our beliefs help us change.  First, Anju, a young woman in central India, has committed to forgo all of life’s conveniences and permanently sever ties with her family in order to be initiated as a Jain nun.  Anju must first pass three tests designed to challenge her commitment.  Next, Howard Fallon and his daughter Shane arrive in the Nevada desert for Burning Man, an annual festival that provides an experiment in community art, self-expression and culminates in the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy.  Howard and Shane are seeking to reconnect and heal after unimaginable personal loss.  In another part of the American desert, Ashly Hines, a member of the Yavapai-Apache Nation, prepares to participate in the Sunrise Ceremony, a spiritual ritual into womanhood.  Finally, scientist Marcelo Gleiser stands at the foot of one of the most powerful telescopes in the world.  He has journeyed to the heart of the Atacama Desert in Chile to look deep into space for clues as to how the universe was born and how it is changing over time.  He finds the more he searches the universe, the more he must embrace the mystery of the unknown. 

Thursday, October 22
Belief: God Help Us
When tragedy, illness or loss feel overwhelming and relief seem beyond our reach, many believers appeal to their faith for strength.  First, Karen Cavanagh, a Catholic from Slingerlands, New York is called to the Sufi path as a way of healing from a traumatic brain injury.  Karen travels to Konya, Turkey to combine her Catholic faith with the practice of becoming a Whirling Dervish, a group who worships through meditative dance.  Next, in Lima, Peru, a teenager, Beto, prays to the Lord of Miracles, a painting of Christ on the cross that is revered throughout the country.  Beto is selected to march in an annual procession honoring the icon, bringing pride to his family.  Then, in Lebanon, 13-year-old Walid, a Syrian refugee whose family fled their home in war torn Syria, still finds a way to participate in Ramadan, the Islamic faith’s month of personal and spiritual reflection observed with fasting and prayer.  Finally, in Indonesia, 19-year-old Buddhist monk Bodhi Cahyno believes meditation can help him find a source of inner strength after enduring a challenging childhood.  Guided by his mentor and teacher, Bodhi travels to the holy site of Borobudur in Indonesia – the world’s largest Buddhist temple – to celebrate Vesak, an annual ritual that commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha.

Friday, October 23
Belief: The Practice
For many people, committing to a spiritual life through study, practice and compassion reveals faith.  First, Shi Yan Fei is a young Buddhist monk at the Shaolin Monastery in Dengfeng, China, who came to the monastery because of his passion for Kung Fu.  While Shi Yan Fei has nearly mastered Kung Fu’s physical movements, he has encountered difficulty mastering the spiritual element.  Next, 65-year-old John Davie is hoping to reconnect with his Catholic faith as he embarks on the “Way of Saint James,” a 500-mile trek through the countryside of France and Spain.  For a thousand years, Christian pilgrims have walked the “Camino,” which culminates at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain.  Then, Mohamed El Haskouri, a teenage boy in Morocco studies diligently to perfect his recitation of the 80,000 words of the Qur’an in an ancient art called Tajweed.  Finally, two teenage girls in Israel, 18-year-old Jewish cellist Hagit and 17-year-old Muslim flutist Mais find common ground and friendship in their shared love of performing classical music with the Polyphony Orchestra. 

Saturday, October 24
Belief: A Good Life
Explore how beliefs help us face the fear of death and the mystery of what happens after we die.  In this episode, we witness how death can also be a powerful call to action – to embrace life and those we love.  In the shadows of Mt. Everest, Lekshey Choedhar, a young Buddhist monk at the Pema Tsal Sakka Monastery, learns a valuable lesson about the fleeting nature of life.  There, Buddhist monks make devotional works of art called sand mandalas, which they then destroy in a ritual that symbolizes the impermanence of existence.  Next, atheist Alex Honnold walks the edge between life and death as a world-renowned free-solo climber.  He faces his mortality and finds meaning in his life as he climbs — with no ropes or harnesses — up a towering cliff in the Moab desert in eastern Utah.  Then Donna Winzenreid, a military wife and mother of three in Colorado Springs, Colorado who has been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, fights for her life by holding on to her Methodist faith.  Next, India is home to more than a billion people and one of the world’s largest religions, Hinduism.  Once a year, on the first day of spring, Hindus from all walks of life unite to celebrate the festival of colors – Holi.  Gopesh Goswami, a Hindu priest, celebrates Holi as an opportunity to set aside daily responsibilities and experience joy, togetherness and the essence of a good life.  Finally, from a space shuttle orbiting Earth, astronaut Jeff Hoffman stares out at a pale blue dot suspended in the vast expanse of the universe.  He describes it as a transcendent experience, an overwhelming feeling that human beings are all truly connected.  

About Belief:
This groundbreaking original series invites viewers to witness some of the world’s most fascinating spiritual journeys through the eyes of the believers.  Traveling to the far reaches of world, and to places cameras have rarely been, Belief searches the origins of diverse faiths and the heart of what really matters.  From the epic to the intimate, webbed throughout each hour are stories of people on spiritual journeys, taking them to sacred spaces, including: the largest peaceful gathering in the history of the world as a group of believers seek redemption along the banks of a holy river; a free climber on the side of a mountain who believes there is no greater power than just being present as he climbs without rope; inside the ceremonies of the past as a 21st century woman seeks to find a miracle cure using ancient ceremonial treatments; the quiet of the night as a culture seeks to hang on to its 50,000 year-old history by searching the stars for insight to share with future generations; and, a courtroom and prison where a grieving mother must grapple with forgiveness as she comes face-to-face with her son’s killer.  These stories and others will all lead us to ask: “What do you believe?”  Belief is co-produced by the award-winning production companies Harpo Studios and part2 pictures.  Executive producers are Oprah Winfrey, Sheri Salata, Jon Sinclair, David Shadrack Smith, Greg Henry and Kim Woodard. 


July 23, 2015



Toronto, July 23, 2015 – Canuck A-lister Jason Priestley (Call Me Fitz, Beverly Hills: 90210, Haven) and celebrated actress Molly Ringwald (The Secret Life of the American Teenager, The Breakfast Club and the upcoming Universal Pictures film Jem & The Holograms) bring the funny to Family Channel, starring as seemingly-flawless parents to five children in the new original series The Wonderful Wayneys. From Aircraft Pictures and Dolphin Entertainment, The Wonderful Wayneys follows Paige and Wayne Wayney as they forge the path to familial greatness. The live-action comedy, created and executive produced by the witty and cheeky Tom Saunders (Arrested Development, The Larry Sanders Show), begins filming in Toronto on July 27 and will deliver 26 half-hour episodes to DHX Television for Spring 2016.

“Exploring family dynamics is a new challenge that we’re looking forward to embarking on with The Wonderful Wayneys and the ability to tell the Wayneys’ story in a comedic fashion brings a new element to our programming roster,” said Michael Goldsmith, Vice President, Original Production, DHX Television. “We have a longstanding relationship with Aircraft and Dolphin, and are eager to see how they utilize the brilliant talent that Jason, Molly and the rest of the cast bring to the show. Being able to offer a comedy that appeals to the entire family is an exciting opportunity and we’re confident that this show will have something for everyone.”

The wonderful Wayneys are an amazing family: good looking, MENSA smart, talented, athletic and popular to boot. Paige (Ringwald) and Wayne Wayney (Priestley) have worked hard at raising “multi-exceptional” offspring and are proud of their children: Adam, Conner, Bentley and Derek. Everyone in town envies them or wants to be them, and you can even find Paige’s book about raising her extraordinary family on the bestseller list. But alas, their fifth child, Emmett, is not marching in lock step on the path to familial greatness. What he lacks academically, athletically and artistically, he makes up for with relentless enthusiasm and curiosity. Emmett knows that one day he’ll find his way, but in the meantime he’s determined to celebrate his C-average status in spectacular creative fashion – no matter how often his best laid plans threaten to destroy the family’s living space, reputation or sense of safety.

“The extraordinary talent assembled for this show both on and off screen is a real testament to the quality of the work created by Tom Saunders,” says Producer Anthony Leo of Aircraft Pictures. “We’re honoured to be a part of bringing it to life.”

“Dolphin Entertainment, Aircraft Pictures and Family Channel have been in business together for over a decade,” adds Executive Producer Bill O’Dowd, CEO of Dolphin Entertainment. “It’s refreshing in this business to be able to work with such close friends.”

Filling the roles of Priestley and Ringwald’s multi-exceptional children in the series are: Luke Bilyk (Degrassi, Lost Girl) as Adam; Katie Douglas (Defiance, Max & Shred) as Conner; Matthew Tissi (Call Me Fitz, Transporter) as Bentley; Jake Sim (The Amazing Gayl Pile, Arthur) as Derek; and newcomer Simon Cadel as Emmett.

The Wonderful Wayneys is produced by Aircraft Pictures (Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil, What’s Up, Warthogs!) with producers Anthony Leo and Andrew Rosen, and Dolphin Entertainment (Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, Zoey 101, and the upcoming feature film Max Steel, based on the Mattel action-figure franchise) with Executive Producer Bill O’Dowd. Tom Saunders (Arrested Development, The Larry Sanders Show) is Series Creator and Executive Producer. The show is co-executive produced by Steve Skrovan (Everybody Loves Raymond, Hot in Cleveland) and Garry Campbell (MADtv, Kids in the Hall). Tia Ayers, Barbara Haynes, Skander Halim, Max Reid, Josh Gal and Emer Connon round out the writing room. 


July 23, 2015

CraveTV Now Available on Samsung Smart TVs and Connected Blu-ray


TORONTO (July 23, 2015) – CraveTVTM subscribers now have more choice and easier access to premium programming as CraveTV is available via Smart TVs, it was announced today. Available on select Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players, subscribers can view the entire CraveTV catalogue effortlessly by selecting the CraveTV app via the Smart Hub on their Samsung Smart TV. Optimized for the Smart TV experience, finding and discovering great programming is easy. Also included is MyCravings, which gives users the ability to stop watching a program on one device, and resume watching it on another.

CraveTV was the first Canadian streaming service to support Chromecast and is also available via Apple TV and Microsoft Windows 8.1 and will soon be available via select game consoles. CraveTV, TMN GO, and TSN GO are available on Samsung Smart TV and Blu-ray players, while additional Bell Media brands will be available in the future.

“We are working hard to make CraveTV available to as many Canadians as possible, via the platform of their choice,” said Domenic Vivolo, Executive Vice-President, Content Sales & Distribution Marketing, Bell Media. “Intuitive and easy to navigate, watching CraveTV on a Samsung Smart TV is a truly enjoyable user experience - we think customers will love it.”

“At Samsung, we are focused on helping Canadian viewers get closer to their favourite content,” said Pat Bugos, Vice-President, Consumer Electronics at Samsung Canada.  “We aim to provide consumers with the best viewing experience possible and now with the CraveTV app on Samsung Smart TVs, viewers are going to experience their favourite TV shows in an immersive new way.”

CraveTV provides viewers with the largest collection of premium content in one place, with thousands of hours of programming in three categories – exclusive past-season content, featuring back seasons of television’s biggest programs currently on air; an extensive and exclusive library, featuring complete catalogues of some of the best TV series that have ever aired; and original series never before seen in Canada.

CraveTV features more than 20 curated collections across multiple genres, including the entire off-air library of HBO’s iconic programming catalogue, including THE SOPRANOS, THE WIRE, ENTOURAGE, and SEX AND THE CITY, as well as the HBO Films catalogue and HBO stand-up comedy specials; hundreds of hours of acclaimed SHOWTIME series and specials, such as THE AFFAIR, RAY DONOVAN, PENNY DREADFUL, HOMELAND, and NURSE JACKIE; an unmatchable comedy slate headlined by CraveTV exclusives SEINFELD and SOUTH PARK, and also including THE BIG BANG THEORY, CHEERS, FRASIER, and CORNER GAS; and CraveTV Original Series like the upcoming comedy LETTERKENNY and much more.


July 23, 2015

CTV and CTV Two Fall 2015 Premiere Dates Announced


TORONTO (July 23, 2015) – Heading into another can’t-miss season of appointment television, CTV confirmed today its fall premiere dates for CTV and CTV Two. After a hit 2014/2015 season, which saw six of the Top 6 new series on CTV, four new, powerful dramas arrive in primetime to continue to strengthen CTV’s #1 schedule. The big-buzz series coming to CTV this fall: action-packed mystery-thriller BLINDSPOT, airing Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT beginning Sept. 21; explosive strike-it-rich family drama BLOOD & OIL and the not-to-be-missed time-shifting conspiracy drama QUANTICO, airing Sundays at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET/PT respectively beginning Sept. 27; and adrenaline-driven hospital drama CODE BLACK, airing Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT beginning Sept. 30.

As hot new series get ready to enter the schedule, fall also sees the return of last season’s top new series. It’s no joke that GOTHAM will see the addition of some new villains when it returns Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, beginning Sept. 21, and it’s back to class with HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, airing Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT beginning Sept. 24. On Tuesday, Oct. 6 Canada’s #1 new series of 2014/2015, THE FLASH returns at 8 p.m. ET/PT, followed by CSI: CYBER at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

September also ushers in a steady stream of returning fan favourite and Top 20 hits including THE BIG BANG THEORY and CASTLE (Sept. 21), GREY’S ANATOMY (Sept. 24), ONCE UPON A TIME (Sept. 27), MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. (Sept. 29), CRIMINAL MINDS (Sept. 30), and ARROW (Oct. 7). Following an emotional and unforgettable Season 3 finale, CTV’s hit original drama SAVING HOPE returns for Season 4 following GREY’S ANATOMY, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT beginning Sept. 24.

New series also add to the strength of the CTV Two fall lineup, with the live, anything-can-happen variety series BEST TIME EVER WITH NEIL PATRICK HARRIS. The series is set to premiere on CTV Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, and will later move to CTV Two to anchor its Tuesday night lineup. Also joining CTV Two is Season 3 of mystery-thriller SLEEPY HOLLOW, airing Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT beginning Oct. 1.

Full episodes of CTV and CTV Two series will also be available live and on demand on and the CTV GO App. Previous seasons of select returning series are streaming now on CraveTV™, which will also feature a first-look for SAVING HOPE, with episodes available the day before their broadcast premiere.

See below for a list of premiere dates for new and returning series. All dates are subject to change. All times in ET. Visit to confirm local broadcast times.


CTV and CTV Two (until Oct. 29)
CTV and CTV Two (effective Oct. 30)


Monday, Sept. 14
8 p.m. – DANCING WITH THE STARS (CTV Two and Bravo)

Tuesday, Sept. 15
10 p.m. – BEST TIME EVER WITH NEIL PATRICK HARRIS (CTV) - NEW (Airs on CTV Two at 8 p.m. beginning Oct. 6)

Sunday, Sept. 20

Monday, Sept. 21
7:30 p.m. – THE BIG BANG THEORY (CTV) - (Airs in regular Thursday 8 p.m. timeslot beginning Nov. 5)
8 p.m. – GOTHAM (CTV)
8 p.m. – THE VOICE (CTV Two) - TWO HOURS
9 p.m. – BLINDSPOT (CTV) - NEW
10 p.m. – CASTLE (CTV)

Wednesday, Sept. 23
8:30 p.m. – THE GOLDBERGS (CTV)

Thursday, Sept. 24
8 p.m. – GREY’S ANATOMY (CTV) - (Airs in regular Thursday 7 p.m. timeslot beginning Nov. 5)
9 p.m. – SAVING HOPE (CTV)

Friday, Sept. 25
9 p.m. – SHARK TANK (CTV) (Moves to CTV Two beginning Oct. 30)
10 p.m. – BLUE BLOODS (CTV)

Sunday, Sept. 27
9 p.m. – BLOOD & OIL (CTV) - NEW
10 p.m. – QUANTICO (CTV) - NEW

Tuesday, Sept. 29

Wednesday, Sept. 30
10 p.m. – CODE BLACK (CTV) - NEW

Thursday, Oct. 1

Saturday  Oct. 3
7 p.m. – W5 (CTV)

Tuesday, Oct. 6
8 p.m. – THE FLASH (CTV)
10 p.m. – CSI: CYBER (CTV) - NEW DAY

Wednesday, Oct. 7
8 p.m. – ARROW (CTV)

Thursday, Oct 8

Tuesday, Oct. 13
10 p.m. – REIGN (CTV)

Friday, Oct. 30
9 p.m. – GRIMM (CTV)

Thursday, Nov. 5

Friday, Nov. 6


July 23, 2015

CRTC seeks solutions to help Canadians protect themselves from unsolicited and illegitimate calls


July 23, 2015 – Ottawa-Gatineau – Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)   - The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) today launched a public consultation to better understand the technical solutions that are currently offered to help Canadians manage unsolicited telecommunications and illegitimate telemarketing calls. The CRTC is also exploring new and innovative solutions that could enhance consumer protections, including those that may reduce illegitimate caller identification (caller ID) spoofing.

The information gathered as part of this proceeding will serve to develop guidance for Canadians so they can better manage unsolicited telecommunications and illegitimate telemarketing calls and protect their privacy.

Canadians can participate in this consultation by sharing their views on:
the technical solutions available to help them manage unsolicited or illegitimate calls
barriers they may face to adopting or using these solutions, and
new and innovative solutions that could help them manage unsolicited telecommunications and illegitimate telemarketing calls.

 Comments may be submitted until October 16, 2015 by:
filling out the online form
writing to the Secretary General, CRTC, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0N2, or
sending a fax to 819-994-0218

As an initial step in the proceeding, the Commission has requested that the telecommunications industry provide, by September 4, 2015, information on the options and features currently available to help Canadians manage unsolicited and illegitimate calls. Responses will be compiled into a consumer-friendly format and placed on the public record of the proceeding in order to assist parties in formulating their comments.

Quick Facts
The CRTC has launched a public consultation to better understand the technical solutions that are currently offered to help Canadians manage unsolicited telecommunications and illegitimate telemarketing calls.
The National Do Not Call List was established in 2008 to help Canadians protect their privacy and, to date, over 12.8 million numbers have been added to the list. 
Since that time, more than 900,000 complaints of alleged violations to the Unsolicited Telecommunication Rules have been lodged by Canadians.
It is estimated that over 40% of complaints involve an element of illegitimate Caller ID spoofing.
Caller identification spoofing occurs when telemarketers hide or misrepresent their identity by displaying fictitious phone numbers when making calls.
The CRTC is working with its international partners to address today's global threats related to unsolicited and illegitimate telemarketing calls.
The CRTC is continuing to enhance its monitoring to ensure telemarketers and others who initiate unsolicited telecommunications follow the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules and to reduce the number of unsolicited telecommunications and illegitimate telemarketing calls to Canadians.

"Canadians are very frustrated with telemarketers who hide their identity or misappropriate the legitimate numbers of Canadians and businesses. A significant proportion of the complaints we receive now involve some element of illegitimate caller identification spoofing. There are tools that can help Canadians protect themselves, and there may be new and innovative solutions on the horizon. Following this consultation, we will be publishing guidance material to empower Canadians to make informed choices for themselves and their families."
- Jean-Pierre Blais, CRTC Chairman


July 22, 2015

CRTC fostering competition in the broadband Internet market


OTTAWA and GATINEAU, QC, July 22, 2015 /CNW/ - The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) today announced measures to foster competition between companies that offer broadband Internet services. These measures will provide Canadians with more choice and innovative services at reasonable prices.

To provide services to their customers, companies enter into a wide variety of wholesale arrangements. In particular, wholesale high-speed access services are used by competitors to provide Internet services, as well as television and telephone services, in the retail market.

Following an extensive review, the CRTC found that the large incumbent companies continue to possess market power in the provision of wholesale high-speed access services and is requiring that they make these services available to competitors.

In addition, the demand by Canadians for higher speed services will only increase in the coming years to support their growing Internet needs and usage. Large incumbent companies will now have to make their fibre facilities available to their competitors. This measure will ensure that Canadians have more choice for high-speed Internet services and are able to fully leverage the benefits of the broadband home or business.

The large incumbent companies will continue to be required to provide access to wholesale high-speed access services throughout their region and transition this access to a disaggregated architecture. The provision of wholesale high-speed access services on a disaggregated basis will be implemented in phases across Canada, starting with Ontario and Quebec.

The CRTC's wholesale services framework sets out the rates, terms and conditions under which telecommunications service providers are required to make parts of their respective networks available to competitors.

Quick Facts
The CRTC will continue to mandate access to wholesale services, including high-speed access services, to encourage competition in the broadband Internet market.
Additionally, the CRTC is requiring that competitors have access to wholesale high-speed services of the large incumbent companies that use optical fibre facilities.
The CRTC is taking action to ensure that Canadians have more choice for high-speed Internet services.
The CRTC is encouraging further investment in high-quality networks.
The CRTC is ensuring Canadians have access to innovative services at reasonable prices.

"As Canadians participate more actively in the digital economy, they will need access to higher Internet speeds to power their broadband homes and businesses. By continuing to mandate certain wholesale services, and including access to fibre facilities, we are continuing our work to drive competition so Canadians have access to more choice, innovative services and reasonable prices. At the same time, we fully expect that companies will continue to invest in their networks, including in fibre technology, to meet the growing needs of consumers."
- Jean-Pierre Blais, CRTC Chairman


July 22, 2015

Sabrina Carpenter and Francesco Yates Added to Star-Studded YTV Summer Beach Bash Lineup


(July 22, 2015 – Toronto, Canada) YTV is thrilled to announce Sabrina Carpenter, one of the stars of Disney’s Girl Meets World and Hollywood Records’ recording artist, as well as Canadian singing sensation Francesco Yates, will be performing at YTV Summer Beach Bash. This stellar lineup joins previously announced live performances from Rebel Coast; XO-IQ, featured in the upcoming YTV series, Make It Pop; Kolton Stewart and Charlie Storwick from YTV’s Some Assembly Required; as well as appearances from YTV stars Jonny Gray, Jake Goodman, Emilia McCarthy and Saara Chaudry from Max & Shred. YTV talent from Stanley Dynamic and Game On will also be on hand for meet and greets.

Produced by Tricon Kids & Family, the televised summer concert and all-day event is taking place at Canada’s Wonderland in Splash Works on Saturday, August 8 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Viewers across Canada can watch YTV Summer Beach Bash the same day at 7 p.m. ET/PT. YTV’s own Carlos of The Zone, will host the show, along with Suki, Lisa and Victor, who will be returning from YTV’s cross-Canada Summer Road Trip.

Sabrina Carpenter – The 16-year-old singer/songwriter and musician who plays Maya Hart on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World and is the star of the upcoming Disney Channel original movie Adventures in Babysitting, has always had a first love—music. This Hollywood Records/Universal Music Canada recording artist will perform songs from her debut album, Eyes Wide Open, many of which she co-wrote herself.

Francesco Yates – The 19-year-old has steadily been making a name for himself in the music community. At age 16, he signed with Atlantic Records and has since been finding his voice both on stage and in the studio with producers like Robin Hannibal and Pharrell Williams. Yates’ skills as a musician can be heard on Pharrell’s album GIRL, where the teen plays guitar on the song “Gusts of Wind,” which also features Daft Punk. Yates’ latest single “Better To Be Loved,” which he will perform at YTV Summer Beach Bash, is a killer combination of Michael Jackson and Justin Timblerlake mixed with the young singer’s own style.

Gold sponsor, Bazooka Candy is presenting three families from across Canada with a VIP experience at Summer Beach Bash, as part of a pre-show contest that ran this spring on YTV’s The Zone, and online at The lucky winners will also appear in the live broadcast of the show. Additionally, Bazooka Candy will be integrated into a fun segment of the stage show and event goers will be treated to Bazooka brands including Ring Pop, Juicy Drop Pop, Triple Power Push Pop and Baby Bottle Pop.

Fans can visit for more information and follow #YTVBeachBash, @YTVofficial and @YTVBeachBash on Instagram, @YTV on Twitter and YTV’s Facebook page for exciting news about additional performers.


July 22, 2015

The SPECIAL OLYMPICS WORLD GAMES LOS ANGELES 2015 (#LA2015) Take Centre Stage on TSN, Beginning July 25


TORONTO (July 22, 2015) – TSN, proud supporter of Special Olympics Canada since the network launched in 1984, will deliver expanded coverage of the SPECIAL OLYMPICS WORLD GAMES LOS ANGELES 2015 (#LA2015) as the event’s official Canadian media partner – the largest sporting event held in the United States this year (based on participants) and the biggest in the city since the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games – as the event’s official Canadian media partner.

“We broadcast a vast array of world-class events but there is nothing quite like the Special Olympics.  They are a sincere reminder of the transformative power and joy of sport,” said Stewart Johnston, President of TSN. “We’re so proud to be a long-time ally of Special Olympics athletes and we wish the best of luck to Team Canada and the rest of the athletes in Los Angeles.”

Star-Studded Opening Ceremony
Live coverage begins Saturday, July 25 at 9 p.m. ET on TSN2 with the star-studded Opening Ceremony from the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, site of the Olympic Games in 1932 and 1984. Host Robin Roberts, co-host of ABC’s GOOD MORNING AMERICA, is joined by ESPN’s Lindsay Czarniak and Kevin Negandhi for the three-hour event, which will feature a global parade of athletes, musical performances, and guest appearances. Headlining the Opening Ceremony are First Lady Michelle Obama, Jimmy Kimmel, Stevie Wonder, Cody Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Eva Longoria, and many more.

Programming Highlights
Along with live coverage of the Opening Ceremony, TSN’s programming lineup includes:


The 30 FOR 30 film BRAVE IN THE ATTEMPT from Executive Producer Maria Shriver – whose mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver founded the Special Olympics in 1968 – on Monday, July 27 at 7:30 p.m. ET on TSN4 and TSN5

Nightly highlight shows from July 27 to August 7 at 11 or 11:30 p.m. ET on TSN2, which will include interviews; athlete features, vignettes, and stories; a competition showcase; and recaps of key results from each day’s competition

In addition, SPORTSCENTRE and keep fans updated on key Team Canada performances and results throughout the week-long event.

By the Numbers via
Almost 50 years after the Special Olympics was founded, the renamed Special Olympics World Games will be the largest sporting event held in the United States this year (based on participants) and the biggest in Los Angeles since the 1984 Summer Olympics. Here's a look at some numbers behind the event and its growth through the years:

International participation: Outside of the World Games, Special Olympics athletic competitions are held year-round worldwide. Since 2000, international athlete participation has increased 4.5 times. There have been 4.4 million worldwide participants as of 2013.

World Games participation: The SPECIAL OLYMPICS WORLD GAMES LOS ANGELES 2015 will feature 2,000 coaches, 6,500 athletes, 30,000 volunteers, and an anticipated 500,000 spectators

International events: In 2013, an average of 222 athletic competitions were held daily around the world, more than double the 2008 average of 90

World Games events: Several locations around Los Angeles, including USC and UCLA, will combine to host 25 sports. While many of them are Olympic-style sports, there are also non-Olympic events such as bocce, bowling, and roller skating.

World Games Inclusion: When Los Angeles hosts the World Games, athletes, coaches, and families from 177 countries will participate. Between Unified events, which pair Special Olympics athletes with able-bodied ones, and Special Olympics competition, 290 events will take place in L.A.


July 21, 2015

Faster speeds, higher quality mobile video for wireless customers in BC & Alberta


Rogers turns on additional wireless spectrum for millions of customers
VANCOUVER, July 21, 2015 /CNW/ - Today Rogers Communications announced it has turned on additional AWS-1 wireless spectrum in BC and Alberta. The additional spectrum means millions of customers on the blazing fast Rogers LTE network can enjoy faster speeds and higher quality mobile video.

"Today we're opening more lanes on our wireless superhighway," said Raj Doshi, Executive Vice President of Wireless Services at Rogers Communications. "Those new lanes will mean faster speeds as we all stream more and more mobile video and connect with friends and family."

The activation of this AWS-1 spectrum comes just one month after its purchase from Shaw Communications. This spectrum had sat unused since 2008.

"This spectrum is a valuable resource to Canadians and now it is being put to good use, helping people connect with friends and family faster than ever before," said Doshi.

With this spectrum, Rogers is doubling the speed that customers can get on our AWS LTE network in BC andAlberta. The full spectrum is first being activated in Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Kelowna, Prince George,Vancouver and other select communities, with the remainder of the spectrum being activated by mid-2016.


July 21, 2015



One of today’s most talked-about standup comics headlines her first HBO special when TIG NOTARO: BOYISH GIRL INTERRUPTED debuts SATURDAY, AUG. 22 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT). Featuring the Grammy nominee in an all-new standup performance before a live audience, the special was taped at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston on May 31.

Among the topics Notaro covered onstage in Boston were performing and bombing in Las Vegas, taking her fiancée to meet her family in Mississippi, going through TSA screening, flying on small planes, searching for the perfect Santa Claus, laugh noises and the fun of sending misleading texts to friends.

Notaro is known for drawing on highly personal experiences in her stand-up work, including her 2012 diagnosis of breast cancer and subsequent double mastectomy, which she addressed in Boston.

Reviewing that live performance, the Boston Globe wrote, “Notaro could not have been cooler. There is a relaxed confidence in her delivery and a liveliness in her ideas.

“She performed that last quarter of the show topless…But nothing more about breast cancer, nothing more about her appearance. The biggest statement was left unspoken: This is who I am now, it’s part of me and it doesn’t change anything. I’m still funny. Still silly.

“What could be cooler than that?”

Notaro will return for season two of the critically acclaimed series “Transparent” this fall. Harper Collins will publish her memoir in 2016.

TIG NOTARO: BOYISH GIRL INTERRUPTED is produced for HBO by Funny or Die; executive producers, Mike Farah, Anna Wenger, Betsy Koch, Tig Notaro, Hunter Seidman; directed by Tig Notaro, Jay Karas; written by Tig Notaro.


July 21, 2015

Space Expands its Universe as it Becomes #1 Entertainment Specialty Network For Key A25-54 Demo


TORONTO (July 21, 2015) – Space is experiencing a supernatural high this summer after wrapping up its most-watched June since 2010 for total viewers, climbing four spots to now rank #1 among Canadian specialty channels in its key A25-54 demo. Fueling its meteoric rise are the smash hit intergalactic thrillers DARK MATTER and Space original series KILLJOYS.

Since its debut in June, KILLJOYS has delivered an average audience of 386,000 viewers, quadrupling its timeslot audience over last year. Airing immediately after KILLJOYS, sci-fi thriller DARK MATTER is claiming an average audience of 489,000 viewers, with Episodes 3 and 4 tipping over half a million viewers. Currently, DARK MATTER ranks as the #2 program on Space for A25-54, behind global genre heavy-weight, DOCTOR WHO. In their respective Friday at 9 p.m. ET (KILLJOYS) and 10 p.m. ET (DARK MATTER) timeslots, Space ranks as the #1 entertainment specialty network for total viewers, and in the 25-54, 18-49, and 18-34 demos.

Continuing to engage genre fans is Space’s flagship daily series INNERSPACE, which now reaches more than 1 million viewers each week. During its weekday 6-6:30 p.m. ET timeslot, Space ranks as the #2 entertainment specialty network for A25-54.

In the upcoming episode of KILLJOYS, “One Blood” (Friday, July 24 at 9 p.m. ET), top Killjoys from around the Quad are pitted against one another in a race to find Big Joe, a legendary Killjoy gone rogue. Khlyen uses Dutch to find Big Joe for his own purposes, forcing John and D’avin to team up with an old nemesis.

In the upcoming episode of DARK MATTER, “Episode 7” (Friday, July 24 at 10 p.m. ET), the crew finally gains access to the secret room in the ship’s underbelly and among the items they find inside are a sunny android named Wendy (Ruby Rose, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK) and a desperately ill woman (Natalie Brown, BITTEN) in stasis.  Wendy, it turns out, is an entertainment model android who quickly wins over the affections of the entire crew - much to our more practical Android’s chagrin.  Meanwhile, Sarah, the woman in stasis, awakens and reveals a connection to the ship’s resident bad boy, THREE.

Hosted by Ajay Fry, Morgan Hoffman and Teddy Wilson, Space's flagship daily series INNERSPACE covers film, television, video games, technology, comic books, gadgets, and all things genre. In the next few weeks, fans can look forward to INNERSPACE’s in-depth coverage of Canada’s largest genre convention FAN EXPO Canada™, and the much-anticipated lead-up special to Season 9 of DOCTOR WHO, premiering September 19 exclusively on Space. 


July 20, 2015

Cossette wins Groupe Média TFO account


TORONTO, July 20, 2015 /CNW Telbec/ - Groupe Média TFO, Ontario's French-language educational media agency, has hired Cossette to provide advertising, marketing and communications services for a three-year term.

Cossette will handle the expansion of Groupe Média TFO's brand, its franchises and platforms in Ontario,Quebec, and wherever there is a need for high quality French-language educational resources.

Over the past few years, Groupe Média TFO has emerged as a thought leader in the digital world, and has become one of Canada's top producers/aggregators of children's educational content. In addition to its television channel, much respected by kids and their parents, its services now spread across multiple digital platforms-from apps and websites to online games and social media channels. In July 2015, they proudly announced that their nine YouTube channels have attracted more than 100 million views, representing a 523 % increase over this time last year.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Cossette to help us achieve new milestones for our brand," says Pascal Arseneau, Chief Marketing Officer at Groupe Média TFO. "Their experience in both French and English markets, as well as their deep understanding of digital is the exact agency partner we were looking for."

"This is an exciting time for Groupe Média TFO," says Dave Lafond, President, Cossette. "They have embraced the digital landscape in order to drive their business forward and we couldn't be happier to be a part of this transformation."


July 20, 2015

Milos Raonic and Eugenie Bouchard Lead Tennis Clinic with Local Kids at HTO Park, July 22


TORONTO, July 20, 2015 /CNW/ - Canadian tennis stars Milos Raonic and Eugenie Bouchard will share their skills and experience with kids from local tennis clubs at HTO Park this Wednesday, July 22 at Noon, in advance of their appearances at Canada's premier tennis tournament, Rogers Cup, this August. 

Hosted by Sportsnet's Evanka Osmak and Ken Reid, the one-hour event will take place on a tennis court atop a barge docked on Lake Ontario, which spectators can view just steps away from the beachfront at the park. The clinic will be followed by Raonic and Bouchard taking the court to demonstrate their skills in action. The event will also include opportunities for fans to ask questions and exclusive giveaways. 

Raonic and Bouchard will lead the tennis clinic in celebration of Mini Rogers Cup, a kids's tournament providing young tennis stars the chance for their own title and to be recognized on-site during Rogers Cup this August. This tournament is part of Rogers's commitment to grassroots tennis and growing the game along with partner Tennis Canada.

Event Details:
What: Tennis Clinic with Milos Raonic and Eugenie Bouchard
Where: HTO Park, 339 Queen’s Quay W, Toronto
When: Wednesday, July 22 at Noon.

Interviews and Photo Opportunity
Scrum interviews and photo opportunity with Milos Raonic and Eugenie Bouchard are available following the clinic.
Media must RSVP to to secure interviews and arrange on-site accreditation.

Owned and operated by Tennis Canada, the prestigious Rogers Cup presented by National Bank attracts the biggest stars in tennis year after year. In 2015, the men's event will be staged at Uniprix Stadium in Montreal from August 7 to 16, while the women's event will take place at Aviva Centre in Toronto from August 8 to 16. For tickets and additional information, please visit:


July 20, 2015

From David Simon and Canadian Director Paul Haggis, HBO’s Six-Part Miniseries SHOW ME A HERO Premieres August 16 on HBO Canada


TORONTO (July 20, 2015) – HBO Canada presents HBO’s new six-part, one-hour miniseries SHOW ME A HERO from David Simon (HBO’s TREME and THE WIRE) and Oscar® winning Canadian director Paul Haggis (Crash). Exploring themes of race and community through the lives of elected officials, bureaucrats, activists, and ordinary citizens in Yonkers, New York, Parts 1 and 2 premiere Sunday, August 16 beginning at 8 p.m. ET/MT on HBO Canada, day-to-day with HBO in the U.S. Parts 3 and 4 premiere on Sunday, August 23 beginning at 8 p.m. ET/MT, followed by Parts 5 and 6 on Sunday, August 30 at 8 p.m. ET/MT.

Click HERE for a sneak peek of SHOW ME A HERO.

In an America generations removed from the greatest civil rights struggles of the 1960s, the young mayor of a mid-sized American city, Mayor Nick Wasicsko (Golden Globe® nominee Oscar Isacc, Inside Llewyn Davis), is faced with a federal court order that says he must build a small number of low-income housing units in the white neighbourhoods of his town. His attempt to do so tears the entire city apart, paralyzes the municipal government, and threatens his political career.

The cast also includes: Oscar-nominee Catherine Keener (Capote) as longtime East Yonkers resident Mary Dorman; Alfred Molina (HBO’s THE NORMAL HEART) as Councilman Henry J. Spallone; Oscar-nominee Winona Ryder (Little Women) as Councilwoman Vinni Restiano; LaTanya Richardson-Jackson (BLUE BLOODS) as housing project resident Norma O’Neal; Bob Balaban (HBO’s RECOUNT) as U.S. District Judge Leonard Sand;  Jim Belushi (ACCORDING TO JIM) as incumbent Yonkers mayor Angelo Martinelli, who lost his seventh term to Nick Wasicsko; and Jon Bernthal (The Wolf of Wall Street) as NAACP attorney Michael Susman.

SHOW ME A HERO is written by David Simon and William F. Zorzi, based on Lisa Belkin’s book of the same name. Paul Haggis directed all six parts. Executive producers are David Simon, Nina K. Noble, Paul Haggis, Gail Mutrux, and William F. Zorzi, Jr.

In Eastern Canada, episodes will be available on TMN GO and HBO Canada OnDemand. In Western Canada, it will be available on the go with Shaw Go Movie Central app, Bell TV app, Telus Optik on the go, and HBO Canada On Demand.

HBO Canada is a multiplex channel of Bell Media’s The Movie Network (Eastern Canada) and Corus Entertainment’s Movie Central (Western Canada). 


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